How to Find a Great Mechanic

Mechanics logsWhen your car needs repairs there are various options to ensure that your cars needs are attended to. While dealerships are a great place to start looking for a mechanic, they can be overpriced; and typically consumers are not always thrilled about that. Recent surveys show that consumers prefer independent shops, and are more satisfied with the results as opposed to car dealerships. Going to a car dealership is necessary for warranty repairs if your car happens to be under warranty. However, you do not need to go to a dealership to get routine maintenance on your vehicle. If your vehicle has a warranty you will not void your warranty if you are having a mechanic perform repairs. There are no definite facts that identify a good repair shop. When you are searching for a good mechanic there are no guidelines you can follow to ensure you have a mechanic that you can trust. However, here are some helpful tips you can use to find yourself a good mechanic.
1.) Find a Shop that Specializes in your Car Brand
Most automotive shops specialize in certain brands of vehicles. You should focus on finding an automotive shop that specializes on your brand, because that shop is more likely to be equipped with the latest equipment and training to properly fix your vehicle.
2.) Seek References from Family and Friends
If your family and friends have vehicles similar to yours, and know of a good mechanic definitely get references from them on good shops and mechanics.
3.) Search the Web
Here are some good sites to look for information, Angie’s List;; and Consumer Reports car repair estimator. is a free site, Consumer Reports car repair estimator is free to use for subscribers, and Angie’s List will require you to have a subscription.
4.) Consult the Better Business Bureau
Go to the Better Business Bureau’s website for the information you seek in figuring out which shop would be best. Reviews on Automotive repair shops are ranked at 12th on the Better Business Bureau’s website.
5.) Test a shop you Like
Go to a shop that you think you may do good work on your vehicle, and have them fix minor repairs before bringing your vehicle in for a major repair. If Arizona is your home, the best mesa auto repair shop is Street Automotive. check out their site for deals, and reviews.
6.) Pick a Convenient Shop
You want to make sure that you have motives for transportation for after you drop off your car at the shop to get repaired. Make sure the shop is some what in your location or near your location, because some of the best shops might not be worth the hours of commute driving and wasting gas.